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When you travel on an Amtrak train, it’s so much more than just getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’. It’s about a journey that is part of your holiday, when you have the chance to sit back and enjoy the many sights and landscapes as they pass you by, to mix with other passengers, and to arrive at your next destination fresh and invigorated.
Features of an Amtrak train journey
• Sleeping accommodation available on most long-distance routes, typically using two-level Superliner or one-level Viewliner trains, all bedrooms with private or public bathrooms and showers.
• On most Amtrak trains, there are three options for seating accommodation. Coach Class, with either reserved or unreserved seating, and Business Class, offering more comfort in a dedicated section of the train.
• Dining options vary depending on your journey, and will include either a café car, lounge car or long distance dining car.
Travelling through Canada by rail is the only real way to appreciate the magnitude of the country, and to witness some of the most extraordinary scenery imaginable. Via Rail operates services from the East Coast to the West, and as far north as Hudson Bay, offering you the choice of Economy Class, with comfortable reclining seats and trolley service, or Business Class, including pre-allocated seating and, according to your journey, meals and wine with dinner.
Via Rail routes
Via Rail operates over 500 trains weekly and serves some 450 communities throughout Canada. This list of routes is,
of course, too lengthy to mention them all but here are some of the key journeys which may be of interest, including some which will take you into Canada’s deepest wilds:-
Toronto Toronto Montreal Montreal Winnipeg Jasper Vancouver
– – – – – – –
Vancouver Winnipeg
Halifax, Nova Scotia Churchill
Prince Rupert Edmonton

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