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The North American continent is tailor-made for self-drive touring and whether you choose the open roads by car or by motorhome, you’ll be able to explore Canada and the United States at your own pace and in your own time. From the picturesque New England countryside to the wondrous National Parks, from the expansive Great Lakes to the rich heritage of the South, this is a land just waiting to be explored.
Cruise America & Canada Motorhomes
Recreational Vehicles – or ‘RV’s as they’re more commonly known –
are almost a lifestyle in North America, and driving the highways and byways in your comfortable ‘home-on-wheels’ will give you a real sense of independence and freedom. Of course, you’ll need to do a bit of planning – campgrounds do get full, especially in peak travelling times – but the days are still yours to do as you please, stop when you like, and arrive at your destination knowing that you’re already in your room for the night!
The campsites are great fun, too, where cooking under the stars, singing songs around the camp fire and meeting fellow travellers are all part of your motorhome holiday.
A few ‘must-knows’
• 122 rental locations is the US and Canada
• One-way rentals possible, subject to availability
• Drivers must be 21 years of age or older and hold a full driver’s licence
• A security deposit is required at the point of rental
• Clients must spend a night on arrival in the US or Canada prior to
collecting the RV
Please refer to our website for full details
Car hire
If you have spent any time at all in the US or Canada, you will know that ‘popping down the road’ can mean a half-hour drive and when away from the cities, how uncongested and driver- friendly the roads are. So although car hire is not mandatory when visiting North America, it is definitely recommended and our great range of Discover America Fly-Drive holidays highlight just how much of this vast continent can be visited when you have your own wheels.
A few tips
• Make sure your vehicle is large enough –
boot (or ‘trunk’) space in most North American cars is surprisingly limited and it’s costly to upgrade when you collect your vehicle
• Request Sat Nav – a wrong turn in the US or Canada can add many miles and minutes to your journey
• We include all car insurances, so you don’t have to accept any that are offered to you when you collect your car
Please refer to our website for full details 113

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