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If time is on your side, there is no better way to discover the vastness of the North American continent than by road, the open highways stretching before you as you journey through spectacular scenery and marvel at the wondrous landscapes.
Driving in the USA and Canada is easy and enjoyable, with roads that are well maintained, easy-to-follow signposts and petrol still relatively inexpensive. Choosing where to visit, on the other hand, may cause some head scratching, as there are so many diverse regions that are accessible and varying different routes to take. So in this brochure we offer you our ‘Discover America’ selection of fly-drive itineraries, with journeys mapped out to ensure you get the most out of every day and with comfortable accommodation waiting for you each night. You will also receive a personalised road book with comprehensive maps and an explanation of your itinerary in more detail.
Satellite Navigation
All our ‘Discover America’ customers will have free access to satellite navigation that not only reduces the concerns of driving in an unfamiliar area but also allows you the opportunity to select from a choice of local attractions when in each destination.
On arrival
For your added convenience, most ‘Discover America’ itineraries offer a free transfer from your arrival airport to hotel, so you do not need to worry about collecting your rental car after a long flight and then doing battle with rush-hour traffic and parking in a city which may be unfamiliar to you.
Your car will then be available for collection at a local depot on the morning you set off on your ‘Discover America’ fly-drive holiday.

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