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Union Market Dupont Circle Gettysburg
This revitalised mid-century food hall has turned the Northeast Washington neighbourhood of NoMa into a culinary haven. Originally known as Centre Market and once the largest in Washington, DC, today it is a hip feasting ground, where anything from a pop-up dumpling stand to an oyster bar serving the daily catch from the Chesapeake River will tickle your taste buds. Maybe try ‘TaKorean’ for mouth watering beef tacos, or ‘Puddin’ for decadent shrimp ‘n’ grits – it’s difficult to know where to turn to next!
This area of Washington, DC is perhaps less known than Georgetown but we think worthy of note. With an instantly recognisable traffic circle and fountain at its centre, the main street is Connecticut Avenue, its fashionable shops and diverse restaurants likely to entice. Call in at The Phillips Collection, America’s first museum of modern art, or the home of former president Woodrow Wilson, or maybe pay a visit to the Mansion on
O & O Street Museum.
For a memorable day trip, journey through the countryside of Maryland and Pennsylvania as your coach makes its way to Gettysburg to discover some of its deepest historical roots.
The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War and a turning point in the conflict, becoming the inspiration for the Gettysburg Address, and you will see Cemetery Ridge, where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his monumental speech.

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