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Hawaii breaks
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The islands of Hawaii, America’s 50th state, nestle in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, some five hours’ flying time south-west of California.
The fabulous beaches, warm clear seas, lush vegetation, spectacular scenery and marvellous climate are perfect ingredients for relaxation in idyllic surroundings.
Most visitors to Hawaii will begin on the island of Oahu – aptly named
‘The Gathering Place’ – to be greeted in the traditional Hawaiian manner with a ‘lei’ of exquisitely perfumed flowers. Oahu is a land of stark contrasts, with the tranquil unspoilt northern coastline and fascinating Polynesian Cultural Centre less than an hour’s drive from Honolulu’s large shopping centres and the ubiquitous resort hotels and lively entertainment of Waikiki in the south, where Pearl Harbour and the now- extinct Diamond Head remain favourite tourist spots.
‘The Garden Isle’ of Maui is steeped in history and home of the delightful old whaling town of Lahaina, once Hawaii’s capital. The main resort area is Kaanapali Beach on the west coast, its backdrop of hills and mountains the perfect setting for the fabulous beaches and world-class golf courses and tennis facilities. You may be tempted to spend much of your time lazing under the sun but if nothing else, try to make the journey to watch the sun rise over the magnificent Haleakala Crater.
Known as ‘The Emerald Isle’ because of its lush greenery and tropical forests, many consider Kauai to be the prettiest of the Hawaiian islands. The Wailua River’s ‘Fern Grotto’ is the setting for countless romantic weddings and to the north, the vast expanse of sands at Lumahai Beach was the setting for the filming of ‘South Pacific’. At Kauai’s south-west tip, Waimea is where Captain Cook allegedly first landed in 1778, and the intrepid explorer would surely have been awe-struck by Waimea Canyon, Hawaii’s very own ‘Grand Canyon’.
A drive around the coastline of ‘The Big Island’, will reveal why Hawaii is often also referred to as ‘The Orchid Isle’, with its many varieties of exotic flower seemingly displayed around every corner. Not to be missed are the beautiful Akaka Falls and the breathtaking Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where an 11-mile drive encircles the still- active Kilauea Crater. To the north, Mauna Kea, the highest point in the Pacific whilst to the east, the glistening black sands are the legacy from when Hawaii was alive with active volcanoes.

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