Earn Extra Cash for Christmas!!

We have decided to run a promotion for all agents! For every booking you make in December, you will be entered into our prize draw to win:

1st Prize: £100 uploaded to your USAirtours Cashcard
2nd Prize: £50 uploaded to your USAirtours Cashcard
3rd Prize: £25 uploaded to your USAirtours Cashcard

This is in addition to the regular Cashcard incentive

For each booking made an entry will be placed.

The more bookings you make the bigger the chance of winning!!!

Please inform Agency Support by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cash when you book – we send you a free Award Cashcard and keep adding cash to it!

HMRC approved Tax Free – unlike the majority of reward schemes we pre-pay the basic rate tax and national insurance for you
Accepted everywhere MasterCard is – other schemes restrict you to only spending the card or voucher in a limited range of shops
No Card fees – unlike other tour operator pre-paid debit cards that charge you both a usage and monthly fee, our scheme is free to use 

How to Register
To register for our new Cashcard scheme simply enter your details in the form below. We will automatically email you a confirmation of your registration along with your Cashcard Membership Name.

How to Earn
Once you have registered for the Cashcard scheme and have made your first qualifying booking (after 1st January 2014)  we will arrange for your MasterCard Incentive Award Card to be sent to you with the cash award already loaded on the card for you to spend – and for every qualifying booking we will keep crediting your card with more cash.

How Much Can You Earn
£20 will be awarded for all bookings for holidays booked  from the UK to the USA of one or more passengers with a flight and either accommodation and or car rental is booked for the duration of the trip
£50 will be awarded  for all bookings as above where the total value is greater than £10,000

Where to Spend It
The card can be used for entertainment, shopping or restaurants everywhere that accepts MasterCard both home and overseas as well as for purchases online or over the phone!

At the end of each month we will add up all of your qualifying bookings, transfer the cash to your card by the seventh day of the following month and write to confirm how much we have awarded you. You will also be able to log on anytime and view your statement showing how much you’ve earned and where you’ve spent it.

Who to Treat
Why not save up and treat yourself to something special or maybe treat your colleagues for a great night out? MasterCard is accepted at more locations than any other debit card so you are not restricted to the same limited range of shop when using vouchers.

If you have any questions please call Agency Support on 0844 249 0775

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