Booking Reconfirmation Form

Before we are able to issue tickets that have cancellation and amendment fees, we need you to reconfirm that all of the details including dates, times and passenger names contained within the document we have emailed you are completely correct.
Consequently can you please enter the following information before we are able to issue any tickets:

The above named Agent confirms that:
1) all of the details stated in the email quote received from USAirtours are correct including dates, times and passenger names and
2) if there is a need in the future to re-book or amend this itinerary any way, the agent will indemnify USAirtours against any applicable costs. 

If you have not received an email confirmation within 10 minutes please call our AfterSales department immediately on 0844 576 6199. If we have not received the above completed web form by 16:00 at the latest we will not be able to issue any tickets that day and the booking option will expire. Any re-booking will then be at the rate available at that time.